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Avenida Rafael E. Melgar esquina con Adolfo Rosado Salas, Cozumel, Quintana Roo, México.

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Scaramouche was one of the most popular nightclubs in all of Mexico. This explosion of the past, during the disco era, was a must-see experience for visitors to Cozumel. The company ART provided the mobile central rig that raised and reduced the lighting effects on the heads of the dancers and also the audio system of the sound.


This is the building in the 80's.

Lighting Equipment

He had the best lighting equipment of his time on Cozumel Island.

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A pleasant memory of this emblematic place.

Lighting Equipment

Illumination to all that gives!

The beggining

In 1997 it closes Discotec Scaramouche that was the best discotec of all the times in Cozumel. Mr. becerra opens the store Viva Mexico by appending a snack bar on the top so that the husbands of the ladies who made their purchases could enjoy a drink and a snack while they waited, enjoying a beautiful view.


The Fiesta begins

But on the first nights and with the longing for the closed disc the people filled the place. Had to remove some tables, turn up the volume and start a new party atmosphere. With something of the equipment of the disc there was a small booth for music that had to be made to grow like time passed.

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Renewing our image

With this new image the differentiation between the Snack bar and the shop is achieved.

Rock & Salsa

The diversity of music has been that characterizes Viva Mexico. We enjoyed the talent of Aquino and his band Aquanile that put the atmosphere to everything that gives, on the other hand, The Red Eye Band with its classics of Rock that took us for a trip remembering the hits of yesterday and today.

Cozumel Salsero

With the success of Aquino and his band and the response of the people of Cozumel took the First Great Salsa Contest.

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The Viva Méxco of today.

In 2016 the remodeling of the place is made converting it into a disco bar with a great stage, with that came the renewal of our logo.

Rock & Roll

The rock band the red eye band have come to complement the success of the place in the last years.

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